[Vignette] Dangerous Cliffhanger


LDS, 2018

EXO Chen (Kim Jongdae) & Red Velvet Irene (Bae Joohyun)

broken!Romance // Vignette // Teen and Up

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“Returning like a boomerang.” (EXO – Boomerang)


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Sinfully Delicious

Kim Jun Myeon FanFiction Indonesia

LDS, 2018

EXO Suho (Kim Joonmyun) & Chen (Kim Jongdae), Red Velvet Irene, slight!f(x) Luna // Romance, Drama // Vignette, Series // PG-17, with slight mature content

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“I try to act indifferent, try not to make it obvious, but without knowing, I’m falling for you.” (EXO – Touch It)


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[Vignette] The Ride Has Been Rude

xiumin take on his brothers’ affair in my long abandoned dubrovnik!au series. enjoy and hbd xiumin!

Xiumin FanFiction Indonesia

Hasil gambar untuk xiumin the war teaser

The Ride Has Been Rude

LDS, 2018

EXO Xiumin, EXID Hani, EXO Chen and Suho // Slice of Life, Family, Romance // Vignette // Teen and Up

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Look at me, what’s the situation? (EXO – The Eve)


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Dim Lights (7/7-END)

finally, last chapter benina korean ver is up! maaf hiatusnya lama banget ;-; enjoy anyway and see you on next chaptered fic ^^

Syndrome Grabber

intheheights chenluna2

Dim Lights, episode 7: When The Sun Goes Down

debut fic by Liana D. S.

casts EXO Chen x f(x) Luna, and some OCs // genre Romance, Friendship, Family, InTheHeights!AU // length Chaptered // rating Teen and Up // warning Bahasa Spanyol bertebaran!


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Terpisah saat fajar, bertemu saat matahari terbenam.


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[Ficlet] Scent of Snow

mamih suho x papih kris, ngebalikin feel biar ga capek jadi noonafannya nct mele. enjoy!

Kim Jun Myeon FanFiction Indonesia

LDS, 2017

EXO Suho Kris

Surrealism, Friendship, Ficlet, General, warning: implicit yandere bromance!

credit: Allure March 2017


“Aku ingin menjadi bintang yang melindungimu, meski kau tak dapat melihatku.”(EXO Suho – Starlight)


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